Dr. Amber Baker is an educator, an advocate, a volunteer and a proven leader. Let’s work together to make Winston-Salem District 72 the best community in North Carolina.


With your help, Dr. Amber Baker will be the next State Representative from District 72. There is no “I” in team. Whether it’s knocking doors, putting up yard signs are calling voters. We want you! 


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Dr. Amber Baker is an educator and community advocate. She has served as principal of Kimberley Park School for more than a decade . Click the button to learn more about Dr. Baker.

About District 72

North Carolina House District 72 encompasses some of the best cultural and geographic aspects of the City of Winston-Salem. With almost 80,000 people, it is a diverse district the deserves committed representation.

Dr. Baker’s Ready!

She’s ready! Dr. Baker’s leadership and community experience make her the perfect servant for North Carolina House District 72. She has led Kimberely Park School for more than a decade and taken key steps to improve opportunities for children and families in Winston-Salem.

Countdown to Election Day








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